GTDC Distribution Industry Training


Successful business partnerships depend on many factors. In technology distribution, knowing the best practices, key drivers and dynamics relative to your role makes a profound difference.

This GTDC Training Program is the answer, with specific curriculum paths for both vendors and distributors:

• The vendor track is ideal for account managers, product managers and program managers.
• We recommend the distributor track for sales, product managers and solution category managers.

Two levels are available for both tracks in conjunction with a full range of high-value education courses, led by experienced distribution industry analysts and practitioners who expertly help participants grow with their respective companies and distribution partners.

Advancing/Optimizing Your Results — and Partnerships

Fundamentals of Distribution addresses fundamental technology distribution business success factors. The content applies specifically to anyone with limited prior experience in distribution or those seeking a better foundation in how corresponding business models work.

Advanced Distribution Business Training represents a deeper level of knowledge and skills, primarily for roles more directly interfacing in distribution business — “owning relationships,” for example, whether from the vendor or distribution perspective. This training focuses on maximizing the value of partnerships. Practical experience combines with a solid understanding of the financial dynamics of the vendor business model inside distributors.

Help your teams gain industry-recognized distribution business knowledge and skills…the ideal path to greater success.

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Value From All Standpoints

Relevant – Focused on the specifics of technology distribution economics and optimizing vendor-distributor engagement (not just finance for non-financial managers)

Validated – Backed by the GTDC and its membership, the world’s leading technology distributors, addressing the key issues and principles in distribution today

Real – Cases, illustrations and examples provided by GTDC members

Current – Contributions and Q&A in each course from top distributor managers and other leaders

Effective – Training delivered by proven providers who combine deep industry knowledge with exceptional instructional techniques

Essential – Distribution knowledge from your unique role and point of view, leveraging GTDC-endorsed curriculum