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GTDC Members / Executives

ABC DATA • Website
Ilona Weiss, President

AB S.A.   Website
Andrzej Przybyło, CEO
Zbigniew Mądry, COO

ALMO   Website
Warren Chaiken, President and COO
Sam Taylor, EVP

Mike Long, CEO Profile
Sean Kerins, President, Global ECS Profile

Atul Mehta, Chairman and Managing Director

Paolo Castellacci, President

D&H  Website
Dan Schwab, Co-President

ELKO  Website
Svens Dinsdorfs, CEO
Egons Mednis, President

Olivier Breittmayer, Chairman & CEO

Alain Monié, CEO Profile

Michael Shalom, President Profile

LOGICOM  Website
Varnavas Irinarchos, Managing Director Profile

K.H. Lim, CEO

Kevin Murai, CEO Profile

TARSUS  Website
Anton Herbst, Executive Director & CEO Profile

Bob Dutkowsky, CEO Profile
Rich Hume, EVP and COO Profile

TIM AG  Website
Gerd Henneveld, CEO
Jörg Eisenstein, COO
Tim Henneveld, COO

David Grant, COO Profile

10 Reasons to Join the GTDC

1. High-level engagement on industry issues with CEOs of leading technology distributors.

2. Networking with channel’s prominent vendor partners, including industry “Rising Stars.”

3. Increased visibility with influential investors and financial analysts covering the industry.

4. Policy and program input, backed by coordinated research and Council advocacy.

5. Access to / participation in industry’s most comprehensive sales-out databases.

6. Invitations to/exposure at the Council’s prestigious events and workshops.

7. Opportunity to contribute input and information that shapes distribution industry “image.”

8. Speaking engagement support, including GTDC CEO at member and industry events.

9. Ability to promote designation as a GTDC member, reinforcing industry leadership.

10. Updates/reports on Council activities and developments supporting industry growth.

Partner Code of Conduct

We, the members of the Global Technology Distribution Council, representing the world’s largest wholesale information technology distributors, hereby affirm the importance of adhering to the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct in the technology distribution channel around the globe. To that end we agree to the following principles to govern our conduct:

To comply with anti-corruption laws, including but not limited to, the United States Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, everywhere we do business and not to offer money or anything else of value to government officials in order to obtain or retain business.

Competition and Antitrust Law 
To comply with applicable competition and antitrust laws everywhere we do business.

Import and Export Laws 
To comply with the import and export laws of the United States of America, including the EAR and OFAC regulations, as well as the import and export laws of the other countries in which we do business.

Environmental Laws 
To comply with laws protecting the environment, such as WEEE and ROHS, everywhere we do business.

To comply with laws governing protection of privacy everywhere we do business.

Cooperation with Investigations 
To reasonably cooperate in any government investigation of wrongdoing in the channel.

Anonymous Means of Communication 
To have means of anonymous communication such as hotlines in our companies to the extent permitted by law and not to retaliate against whistleblowers.

Code of Conduct 
To have written codes of conduct to establish our expectations for appropriate behavior and to communicate these expectations to our respective employees.

Relations with Vendors and Customers 
To encourage our vendors and resellers to also adhere to these principles.

GTDC members drive more than $130 billion in annual sales across North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Member benefits include being at the forefront of industry issues, opportunities and innovations. Members frequently participate in GTDC conferences, initiatives and activities that also periodically enable involvement of other senior management from their companies. Several GTDC members’ top leaders participate in the organization’s Executive Committee. We help our members and vendors strengthen their partnerships within dynamic business channels, including adherence to the GTDC Partner Code of Conduct. In addition, on behalf of its members, the GTDC enables vital industry insight for financial analysts and media looking to better understand market trends and the central role of distributors.