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Research Studies and Reports

The GTDC provides value to its members as well as to vendors, analysts and journalists through unique and detailed investigative projects and information gathering. Working with leading third-party research organizations, the GTDC obtains and shares extensive industry-specific data that answers questions about market opportunities, sales levels, cost efficiencies and other relevant technology channel trends.

Sales-Out Databases


CONTEXT Value Chain Analytics

CONTEXT-company_logoThe GTDC began its database partnership in 2007 with CONTEXT, a leading European technology market research company based in London. This technology sales tracking service for major European markets is based on GTDC member sales. The SalesWatch – Distribution service for Europe gives subscribers the ability to drill down into specific product categories sold by value-added resellers as well as retailers. Both units and actual revenue are tracked down to product SKU level, including critical price points intelligence and other trend information. SalesWatch – Distribution provides a unique perspective on overall industry trends by channel, thus providing subscribers a detailed perspective on what’s happening in the European technology market from numerous standpoints. If you’re interested in subscribing to this service, contact CONTEXT. Direct all other inquiries to the GTDC at


Distribution and Supply Chain Management

logo_rSupply chains are increasingly complex, due to volatile customer purchase cycles, and globalization has led to expanding networks of suppliers and resources. Strong business performance depends on being able to spot changes in customer demand and speed of innovation to quickly adapt your supply chains. Our specialists deliver supply chain management intelligence you need to manage your supply chain from end to end with maximum efficiency.  We combine distribution data with actual point of sales and product data, as well as sales forecasts. We track daily online pricing dynamics at SKU level across EMEA, US, LATAM and APAC – helping you improve your pricing strategy and margins. Together with our live data analysis and alerting, GfK gives you a comprehensive and timely view of market demand, so you can identify and improve efficiencies in your entire supply chain – and boost your business performance. To find out more information, visit GfK’s website.

NPD Distributor Track - U.S.A. & Canada

U.S. and Canada IT Channel Trends

npd-groupThe Global Technology Distribution Council, in cooperation with research organization The NPD Group, launched The NPD Group’s Distributor Track® in 2002, establishing the most in-depth collection of sales-out data ever gathered in the technology channel. Available by subscription, this service allows distributors, vendors and analysts to track sales-out data through the channel in specific product categories, all the way down to the SKU level, on both a weekly and monthly basis. It is the most comprehensive — and most accurate — reporting of sales-out data in the channel, because it is based on the actual aggregate sales-out figures provided by the GTDC’s member distributors. The Distributor Track service allows distributors, vendors and analysts to get a bird’s-eye view into the sales trends represented by the “channel” as a whole, drilling down into the specific product categories sold by the value-added resellers, Internet storefronts and retailers that source from wholesale distributors. Doing so allows the service’s audience to develop a clear and accurate picture of the IT sales environment as a whole and the channel’s role in moving product into the marketplace. If you’re interested in subscribing to this service, contact The NPD Group. Direct all other inquiries to the GTDC at

Featured Research Report

2018 Tech Distribution Outlook

Distribution and IT leaders share their business and industry insights.

Read what today’s leading vendor channel executives expect from distribution in 2018 in the latest “Tech Distribution Outlook” report. An exclusive survey of 50+ IT leaders finds that more vendors recognize the value that distribution brings, but expectations are also increasing. Executives are counting on new partnerships and innovations to drive additional revenue as the business world continues to transform to meet today’s digital needs.

Download the report now to get the full scoop on what distribution and IT managers expect in 2018 in cloud, security, vertical markets, and much more.

The Distribution Landscape and Disruption

Learn how distributors and vendors are collaborating and where they expect to grow together – from operational, strategic and developmental standpoints – in today’s era of sweeping disruption. Delve into trends that are forcing companies to adapt their business models and supportive processes, including in terms of tangible economic and commercial benefits as well as emerging value propositions.

• Grasp economic and commercial benefits of modern-day distribution models – and how to advance these partnerships over the next 5 years

• Learn why distributor share of vendor business continues to grow, particularly with channel customers serving small- and mid-size enterprises

• Delve into partnership factors beyond cost, especially as new value-added services and investments redefine the distribution industry

• Explore consumption-based distribution models, platforms and programs coming to fruition worldwide

Distributors and Cybersecurity

From high-profile corporate cyberattacks to alleged hacking of government elections and agencies, cybersecurity is at the front and center of the IT industry these days – and that’s not likely to change anytime soon, if ever. Learn about distribution’s role that touches on all aspects of channel solution development, deployment and integration. Highly collaborative partnerships are crucial.

• Know how distributors are helping solution providers develop sophisticated cybersecurity practices – and why you should care!

• Gain deep channel insights on the most demanding IT security market challenges and opportunities

• Find out why the security solutions category has become the most active for new partnerships in technology distribution

• Understand the reasons why solution providers need help addressing the endpoint – today’s security perimeter

Services Capabilities Transform IT Distribution in Europe

Distributors are fueling a dynamic shift in how IT services are leveraged, including in Europe, where unique knowledge and capabilities are critical from both regional and multiple in-country perspectives. Discover how distributors are transforming their service portfolios to support overall technology innovation while advancing value to both vendors and solution providers.


• Must-read for any vendor looking to grow distribution business in Europe, as organic and acquired advantages take shape

• See how distributors are driving new regional – and global – value with proven cloud services and enablement

• Drill into ever-expanding distributor service portfolios to address widening channel skills-gap challenges and shortages

• Discover the top distribution services in Europe today and how analysts expect them to evolve going forward

European Distribution: Making the Difference

New research shows increased confidence in European channels – beyond economic factors – as vendors more readily embrace two-tier distribution models in the digital era. Among the clear-cut advantages: localization and specialization. A broad range of changing dynamics also come into play as transformations occur in areas ranging from cloud and mobility to IoT and hyperconverged infrastructure.


• See the localization and specialization value that European distributors provide vendor partners and solution providers

• Hear why vendors’ regional distribution relationships in Europe are ideal compared to independently setting up and resourcing local offices

• Learn how distributors support secure and compliant recycling, which should be of great importance to any company doing business in Europe

• Hear how advanced eCommerce logistics services continue to develop through distributors across Europe, adding yet another dimension to their added value

Financing the Cloud

A new distribution advantage.


• See how distributors are helping solution providers grow annuity-based revenue, accelerate cash flow and increase overall cloud business

• Learn about innovative cloud financing programs that distributors offer for diverse product and service requirements

• Discover ways solution providers are leading lifecycle management in the cloud

• Get a bead on where the channel is headed on multiple cloud fronts

Distribution Business Models in the Digital Era

Get to know the methodical ways technology distributors are transforming their companies.


• Technology distribution has stood the test of time and taken off in today’s digital era

• New challenges and opportunities abound for distributors and solution providers, including ever-present security threats

• Enterprise services continue to fuel growth for highly specialized distributors

• Emerging vendors are aligning with distributors on strategic, structural and international levels

Bringing IoT to Life in SMB and Enterprises

The Internet of Things (IoT) phenomenon invokes many different meanings for different people. For IoT vendors and distributors, though, it simply means “opportunity.”


• The Internet of Things is alive and ready to thrive in technology distribution

• Vendors and solution providers are engaging distributors to develop comprehensive IoT offerings

• Now is the time to adapt channel business models for long-term IoT gains from product and service perspectives

• Distributors are establishing new IoT bundles, specifically for solution providers, targeting numerous industries and vertical markets

The Future of Distribution

A global & joint research project for exploring the future of the global HighTech distribution & supply chain landscape.


• This undertaking provides the first qualitative evaluation of the future of global high-tech distribution and supply chain management, with input from more than 100 experts in nine markets around the world

• Effective supply chain management will be instrumental to vendor success from multiple standpoints identified in the report

• Wide-reaching, fundamental changes are happening throughout global distribution; know the challenges and opportunities

• Understand best ways to leverage distribution – the initiatives planned and in progress

Distributors Reaching New Heights in Cloud

Learn why established and emerging technology companies are turning to supply-chain leaders to support their cloud business growth.


• The ramp-up to cloud is an evolution, not a revolution

• Technology distributors are growing cloud success by focusing on both solution providers and vendor partners, especially in recruitment, enablement and support

• Distributors continue improving cloud platforms, including from demand generation and billing perspectives

• Many solution providers have yet to adopt cloud business models, and distributors are ideally positioned to support their transformations

Cloud Channels & Distribution: The Solution Provider Perspective

Through this analysis, a number of key ideas become clear about the relationship between built-in-the-cloud solution providers and today’s IT distributors.


• Distributors expect a shift in the near future, where service providers primarily use distributors for infrastructure-as-a-service offerings

• Solution providers expect help from distributors in streamlining, clarifying and accelerating their involvement in leading cloud providers’ channel programs

• Cloud vendors see distributors as critical partners in driving channel success

• A broad range of cloud programs, platforms and services are now available from distributors

Understanding the Technology Distribution Business

A guide to optimizing partnerships and bottom-line value. This “primer” is intended for anyone within a vendor organization whose role touches technology distributors.


• This guide contains everything a vendor needs to know about working effectively with distributors to create mutually beneficial partnerships

• Digs into distributor business models, metrics and the nuances of various approaches and strategies

• Teaches how to sell more through distributors by studying their unique distinctions and added value

• Breaks down distributors’ bottom-line focus areas and how they view partners, products and cost factors

Inside the Enterprise

How leading technology distributors are advancing their business models. Distributors and vendors detail the secrets to successful enterprise relationships.


• Enterprise-focused vendors are expected to continue seeking and growing their distribution relationships

• Turning to distributors enables vendors to increase their capabilities in enterprise-focused services and focus on innovation while distributors address the larger market

• Enterprise business continues to steadily grow through distributors, who are also playing a central role in SMB/SME markets

How the Fastest Growing Got Ahead

Learn what current and past GTDC Rising Star award winners did to reach the top. How 12 technology leaders grew their businesses with distributors.


• Twelve GTDC Rising Star award winners explain why distribution is the best way to reach more partners and customers across the board

• Report breaks down the different ways distributors support the channel, the cost efficiency of distribution and the quality of distribution services

• Explore the benefits of specific distributor services relative to vendors and solution providers

Understanding the Channel

Technology distributors are at the center of a global value chain for solution providers and vendors. Major vendors consider the channel vital to their success.


• Distributors are looking toward a bright future in the channel, even amidst a time of turbulent technological change

• The channel ecosystem is constantly evolving, but supply-chain fundamentals still hold up today

• All channel players need to continuously innovate and ensure the needs of distributors, vendors, solution providers and end users are met in most effective ways possible

Redefining Distributor Value in a Solution Based Channel

Building next-generation partner development services. It’s an ongoing transition that shifts distributors from a legacy tactical role to a much more strategic one.


• This report details the key ways distributors and their partners are changing as the channel evolves, including:

• Altering business models to take on an active role in partner development

• Sharpening focus on technical- and solutions-focused approaches

• Improving channel enablement, activation and onboarding, sales and technical support, and extending services to the cloud

• For vendors, leveraging distributors as service providers may lead to an industry consolidation advantage

• Vendors need to view distributors as long-term enablement partners to engage the channel most effectively

The Economics and Value of Technology Distribution

Independent insights based on vendor metrics. Many different factors and functions define today’s multifaceted and highly integrated supply-chain operations.


• A research study focused on determining the cost-effectiveness of IT distribution to vendor business partners in a variety of categories, including comparisons to direct sales

• Vendors rely on distributors today for reasons that are more pronounced and diversified than ever

• IT companies need to look at their capabilities and advantages to determine where to invest in order to ensure high service levels and most reasonable costs

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