Forging New Partnerships and Strategies to Tackle Today’s Advanced Threat Landscape.

As we evolve further into a digital world, how we protect information will become even more vital — as will the tools and programs supporting how security technologies are sold and deployed. Distributors play a central role on all fronts of the cybersecurity revolution. This report delves into the details, from vetting new vendors and bundling disparate security products into complete solutions to enabling partners as trusted security experts in the market.

Know How Distribution Leaders are Attacking Diverse Challenges

Education and enablement are obviously crucial to channel success across multiple IT categories. These factors, however, take on especially deep meaning relative to cybersecurity and on-premise surveillance, particularly considering the need to continuously advance related controls, monitoring, issue resolution and risk mitigation.

A survey of distribution leaders confirms that many new security companies are exploring and moving into distribution – at faster rates and in ways that are broader in scope compared to other technology market segments. Although this may not come as a surprise, the respondents also indicated that they see a tremendous need to advance cybersecurity skillsets, from assessment to deployment and ongoing protection.

Technology Distributors & Cybersecurity provides a complete and highly relevant perspective for any company doing business in the technology industry. Regardless of whether you’re specializing in cybersecurity or other technologies, this unique insight can make a profound difference in how you engage the channel. Security will only grow in importance, and the GTDC is committed to helping you stay on top of the trends!

What you’ll learn.

• Keys to establishing successful cybersecurity partnerships
• Common misconceptions that come into play and how to simplify related complexity
• Why endpoint is the “new perimeter”
• Ways distributors are educating the channel with vendor partners
• Cloud factors in conjunction with on-premise realities
• Physical security trends and what to expect on this front

About the report.

CommCentric Solutions, a channel-focused research and communications fi­rm, produced this report based on an exclusive cybersecurity-related survey of GTDC distribution members, as well as in-depth, related interviews with leading channel executives from distributors, market analysts and IT security vendors. CommCentric’s knowledge base and focus areas cover all dimensions of the channel community, from technology vendors and solution providers to distribution business models. The company’s research practice is led by Scott Campbell, a veteran channel reporter with more than 20 years of related experience, including at CRN, the industry’s leading trade magazine.